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Despite that, I did not give up. How can I? There were two plants that survived. I poured all my time in researching how to take care of cacti and succulents. I went out and met with other collectors and gardeners.

And from those two survivors, I now have hundreds of cacti, succulents, and other varieties up on my rooftop.

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​​Itall started with my black thumb. Yep - it's true! I could not keep any plant alive for more than a week. It's as if any plant I touched would wilt.

So I just had to be contented with taking pictures of beautiful trees, flowers, and cacti. One day out of the blue, I just decided to buy a cactus because I thought if they can survive in the desert, then they should be able to survive on my rooftop - which,  after all, had better conditions than the Sahara. 

- Jore

So, for those of you who believe that they have a black thumb but would like to own a dish garden or at least keep the plants on it alive - don't lose hope! With lots of care, attention and patience, you can transform that black thumb green!

And of course, a little know-how helps - just drop me a line and I will help you get started.​

I went to a store. The lady agreed that cacti are impossible to kill. So I left the store with 20 plants! All 20 of them looked marvelous that day. A few days later, however, 18 out of 20 cacti did not make it.